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How to select a wedding photographer


Photography has come a long way on in the last 20 years and a rapid increase of professional looking DSLR cameras has put the science, if not the art of photography, into many more hands, but it’s not that simple — I own a whisk but don’t ask me to bake your wedding cake! 

There are many amateurs with modern cameras that can take a great photograph, but it needs a professional to make a great photograph. It’s a creative process, not a passive recording.

Don’t leave your memories to chance!

So then, below are a few points of selecting a photographer. I hope you find them helpful in selecting a photographer for you and your day. 

Chose what style of photography you would like

There are many styles of wedding photography out there today. Your first step is to select a style. Do you want a wedding that is traditional, or one where the photographer stays behind the scenes more? Set up images, or candid shots? If you are happy with a photographers work, but want a different style, ask them if they can meet that need.

Choosing the style will narrow down the search a great deal. You must be happy with the work (images you see) from the photographer as this will give you an idea of the end result.

Work out what your budget is

It is probably more accurate to say, work a photographer into a budget. Most photographers have a starting rate or package. This works for the most part, but you may only want the photographer for a few hours and not the whole day.  If you find a photographer you like but need him for more or less time ask them what it may cost.  

Decide what you need from the photographer 

Once you have decided on a photographer, set up a time and day to meet to talk about the requirements from them. If you want a photo of auntie Glad and uncle John make sure you tell the photographer. Never assume that they know what you want. Often photographers will have a list of photographic requirements that are agreed before the wedding.

Ask about their work history

Ask them about their experience. How did they get into photography, how long have they been doing it, do they have other samples of work? Also ask them if they have worked with other photographers or even have any qualifications in the field. This will make all the difference between someone who has just fallen into photography and someone who has invested their precious time and energy into their profession.

A wise investment

Finally don’t make the mistake of thinking cheap is good. you may find that photographer that will do your wedding for £300 but often (not always) the final product will reflect the quality of work. In truth, don’t be afraid to spend a little more on the photographer. In 40 years from now when you look back on your special day, or show people what it was like, the photos will be all you really have.

I hope these points will help you find the photographer you are looking for. I would also be more than happy to talk with you more if you are interested in my work. Below is a vouched as a gift if you chose my service. Regardless to weather you do, have a great day, and congratulations!